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October-November 2005 . The Russian participants of the project "Development and Introduction of Intercultural Models of Teaching at Russian Universities" Prof. M. Makarov (Tver State University), Associate-Prof. Y. Zubkova (Volgograd State Pedagogical University), Associate-Prof. L. Kulikova (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University), Associate-Prof. V. Shurygina (Kemerovo State University) visited the Institute of Intercultural Communication of Munich University. On November 9 they made a presentation for their German colleagues on Intercultural Communication in Russia. The German and Russian partners gave a positive evaluation of the project and agreed about future cooperation.

September 2005. The monograph "Russians and Americans: Paradoxes of Intercultural Communication" by Olga Leontovich was published by "Gnosis" (Moscow)

August 2005. Prof. Olga Leontovich visited Indiana-Purdue University, Indianapolis (U.S.A.) – a partner institution with which VSPU now has an official agreement on international collaboration. The discussion of possible joint projects continued on October 23-26, 2005 during the meeting between Prof. Leontovich and Prof. John Parrish-Sprowl at the Sixteenth AUDEM annual conference in Yalta, Ukraine.

February 8-11 2005, Moscow. Meeting of the participants of the international project "Development and Introduction of Intercultural Models of Teaching at Russian Universities". The participants of the project Dr. J. Roth (Munich University), Prof. M. Makarov (Tver State University), Prof. O. Leontovich (Volgograd State Pedagogical University), and Associate Prof. L. Kulikova (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University) express their gratitude to their colleagues from Moscow State University Prof. G. Molchanova and Associate Prof. M. Bergelson and from the Russian Academy of Sciences Prof. V. Tishkov, Prof. M. Martynova, Prof. N. Lebedeva for the warm welcome and fruitful cooperation.

December 3-4 2004. International Conference "Paradigms of Teaching Intercultural Communication at Russian Universities" in Volgograd State Pedagogical University Program of the Conference

September 20-23, 2004. a four-day student seminar on Intercultural Communication took place at Kemerovo State University. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Juliana Roth (Munich University) and Dr. Ludmila Kulikova (Krasnozarsk State Pedagogical University). Dr. Roth also gave a consultation to the faculty members teaching ICC.

September 22, 2004. Dr. Roth conducted a mini-seminar for school teachers of German of the Kemerovo oblast. The participants discussed topics dealing with the integration of Intercultural Communication issues in Foreign Language teaching. Dr. Roth's visit to Kemerovo also included the work on the ICC teaching manual, which Dr. Shurygina is compiling as part of the 2004 project activities.

May 19-21, 2004. Seminar "Development of Intercultural Competence: Methods and Models of Intercultural Education" for faculty and graduate students. Presenters: Dr. Juliana Roth and Dr Galina Kopteltseva, Intercultural Communication Institute of Munich University (Germany).

April 16, 2004. Seminar "Lying in Communication". Presenter Dr. Nadezhda Panchenko, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, VSPU.




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