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Center for Communication Studies

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Olga Leontovich, Professor, Chair of the Department of Intercultural Communication, Head of The Center of Communication Studies, Director of the American Studies Center, Volgograd State Pedagogical University.

Email: olgaleo@vspu.ru

Her research interest is in Linguistics and US-Russian Intercultural Communication. She has authored over ninety publications, including a Dictionary of U.S. Life and Culture for Russian readers (co-author E. Sheigal), a monograph "Russians and Americans: Paradoxes of Intercultural Communication," and several entries for the World Education Encyclopedia (Gale Group, 2002). Olga Leontovich has taught courses to both US and Russian students.

  • Leontovich O. "Russians and Americans: Paradoxes of Intercultural Communication." Moscow: Gnozis, 2005

Recent Publications (2000-2005)


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