Center for Communication Studies

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  Volgograd State
  Room 4-39
  27, Lenin Prospect,
  Volgograd 400131,
  +7 8442 30-29-95


Head of the Center - Professor Olga Leontovich, Ph. D.

The Center for Communication Studies is an independent research department of Volgograd State Pedagogical University. The main aims of its activities are:

1. Investigation of interpersonal, group, public, and mass communication by VSPU faculty and students. Our priorities include numerous contacts with Russian and foreign colleagues and dissemination of scholarship through conferences, summer schools, publications, and the Internet. The Center offers weekly seminars devoted to the issues of Communication Theory and Intercultural Communication for post-graduate students.

2. Introduction of theoretical results into the practice of teaching, as well as the work of educational, social, and other organizations. We are interested in the cooperation with specialists from other fields, such as Pedagogy, Psychology, Linguistics, Information Science, Physiology, Cultural Anthropology, etc. The creation of temporary research teams aims at developing new courses, textbooks, article collections, and other projects.


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